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Giovanna Stancanelli

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As the founder and CEO of Terre Innovative HealthCare I coordinate and oversee our initiatives around the world. 

With my team, I work to implement and sustain our different projects and I am always on the lookout for new innovative ways to harness mobile technology to provide healthcare to underserved communities. 

Prior to founding Terre Innovative HealthCare I worked as Medical Director at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan for 15 years. During this time I also participated in cooperation projects in India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. 

Over time I have developed a holistic view of medicine, and I believe that social determinants like family, community and work play a pivotal role in people’s health. 

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Anna Valentino

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I am responsible for the realization of the visual aspects of all products, as well as for the development of the material of marketing.

My studies have always been aimed at learning visual techniques, as I aspired to have the tools, opportunities and inspiration to explore the world we live in, being able to analyze the communication flows of ideas through various means (graphics, web, photography, illustration). In 2013 I obtained a diploma in Web & Graphic Design at the Harim Euromediterranean Academy. This highly operational course of study has allowed me to develop considerable technical skills, but above all I was given the opportunity to gain concrete professional experiences.

Already involved in the academic field in the realization of graphic, photographic, web and real advertising projects, I had the opportunity to give an applicative cut to the studied disciplines.

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