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In addition to conceiving and developing mhealth solutions, Terre Innovative HealthCare also oversees their implementation on the ground. This includes liaising with local health authorities to ensure the systems follow national and international guidelines as well as leading and providing ongoing support for the training of local health staff. We also work closely with the recipient communities to ensure

that each system is adapted to the local context.


See below for more information about our ongoing projects. 

Burkina Faso

After a successful pilot test carried out in 2016 in partnership with the Burkina Faso Ministry of Health, the NGO Enfants du Monde has recently secured funding to expand its operations  and  transfer the platform at the local level to ensure greater autonomy on the ground.


Based in the Saint Damien Clinic in Ambanja, Madagscar has to date provided antenatal care visits to over 1,000 expecting mothers in the city and surrounding villages.


A research project on the ability of the PANDA system to improve the quality of antenatal and postnatal visits has been underway in the Iringa Region since June 2019. The activity, carried out in the Nyololo and Maduma centers as well as in outreach, is carried out by the NGO COPE in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Tanzania and financed by the Laerdal Foundation.


With the assistance of the social and cultural mediation services in the centre and the support of the Italian Red Cross , the PANDA team provides antenatal care services to migrant women housed within the largest hosting centre for asylum seekers in Europe.​

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