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Between January and March 2015 PANDA invited 100 women to participate in a pilot study on the feasibility and acceptability of the PANDA system in the Ambanja District, a mainly rural area in northwest Madagascar. The results of the pilot study have been published in the Journal Telemed Telecare.

Since then, PANDA has become a fixed presence in Ambanja, and the team has expanded to include a growing number of health providers. PANDA is based at the Ambanja Public Hospital.

The PANDA project in Madagascar is implemented by the NGO AISPO and funded by the Tavola Valdese Italia, Union of Methodist and Waldensian Churches, the Latin branch of the Swiss Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics and the Commission des Affaires Humanitaires (University Hospitals Geneva, Switzerland).​


Ambanja Public Hospital 

AMBANJA Madagascar

Madagascar Context

Location: Madagascar, Southern Africa

Official language: Malagasy and French

Population: 24.8 million people

Ambanja population: 28,400 people

Maternal mortality rate: 450 deaths per 100,000 live births 

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