Early Detection Tuberculosis

EDT+ is a telemedicine system for the screening and follow-up of infectious diseases. The system comprises:  

  • The Edt+ app – an icon-based Android application.

  • The Medical Unit – a java-based software system.

  • The Data Exportation System.

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The EDT+ system enables healthcare workers to screen a target population to identify individuals at risk of contracting or transmitting infectious diseases such as tuberculosis (TB), HIV, gonorrhoea, and trichomoniasis. The EDT+ icon-based app comprises five modules, allowing the collection of socio-demographic data, diagnostic results including the results of a sputum sample for TB screening, a latent TB infection questionnaire, treatment and follow-up.

The data collected during the screening is automatically organised by the app to facilitate the subsequent stages of microbiological investigation, as well as follow-up treatment where appropriate.

Once the visit is completed, the clinical samples are sent to the referral hospital for examination.

The data collected can be subsequently exported into an electronic database for scientific and epidemiological purposes.

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In a first instance, the system had been conceived for introduction in the context of the European EDTECT project for the early screening of tuberculosis in migrants. More than 5000 migrants have been screened both for active and latent Tuberculosis. EDT+ is the natural evolution of the system, now allowing for the screening and follow-up of other infectious diseases including HIV,  syphilis, and gonorrhoea,   to permit a more comprehensive service.