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Screening and follow-up of infectious diseases

Thupime is a mobile healthcare system for the screening and follow-up of infectious diseases. 

The structure is similar to the EDT system, which can be considered its precursor.
- An app: an icon-based Android application.
- A medical unit: a Java-based software.
- A data export system.
The system allows healthcare professionals to screen a target population to identify individuals at risk of contracting or transmitting infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV, gonorrhoea and trichomoniasis. The easy-to-use, icon-based app includes several modules, which enable the collection of socio-demographic data, diagnostic results, treatment, and follow-up. 
Data collected during screening are automatically organised by the app to facilitate subsequent input of laboratory and radiological investigations, as well as treatment and follow-up information.
Once the visit is complete, the clinical samples are sent to the online database for the medical examination. The collected data can then be exported to spreadsheet software for scientific and epidemiological purposes.
The system has been included in a programme funded by the Italian Agency for International Cooperation to combat HIV, tuberculosis and malaria in the Iringa region of Tanzania. The programme is led by the NGO COPE in collaboration with the university of Dodoma and the San Raffaele Research and Teaching Hospital.
The system has been included in several new funding applications for humanitarian and research projects.

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