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Early Detection Tuberculosis

E-Detect TB App is a m-Health system that helps health-care staff to perform active and latent TB screening practice according to the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations .

The system includes three components. 

 -  A touch-screen icon-based application for Android smartphone, structured in five modules (Questionnaire, Smear, Diagnostics, Latent TB infection, Treatment and follow-up). To record information, the user can click on the relevant icons or take photos. The application additionally allows the user to verbally record and save any further comments if necessary. At the end of the questionnaire all data collected is automatically transmitted to a Web database.

 - The Web database is a java-based software system with secure access to the medical staff of the reference hospital. The system receives all the information registered by the phone application during the visit and allows the clinical staff of the hospital to monitor the data collected. 

 - The data collected can be subsequently exported into an electronic database for scientific and epidemiological purposes. 

The system had been conceived for introduction in the context of the European EDTECT project for the early screening of tuberculosis in migrants. More than 5000 migrants have been screened both for active and latent Tuberculosis.

More info:     EDT Demo APP

                      EDT website

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