Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health


A Feasibility Study in an Italian Hosting Center for Asylum Seekers

Innovative migrant-friendly tools are needed to assist health personnel manage the high number of pregnancies within recep- tion centers. This study tests functionality and acceptability of a new mHealth system in providing antenatal care amongst migrants.

Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare

Usability and feasibility of a mobile health system to provide comprehensive antenatal care in low-income countries: PANDA mHealth pilot study in Madagascar


Madagascar’s maternal health mortality ratio in 2013 was 478 deaths per 100,000 live births. Most deaths are related to direct complications during pregnancy and childbirth and could be reduced by providing comprehensive antenatal care (ANC).


European Respiratory journal

Provision of systematic testing for active TB in refugees at CPSA centers

In Italy over 50% of cases each year occurs in foreign-born persons. Although Tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis and treatment are offered for free to all people reporting to public hospitals regardless of their resident status, symptomatic migrants tend to report late, increasing transmission. We propose a multi-step (screen-test-refer for care) intervention which includes a questionnaire screening followed by on spot sputum collection and Xpert MTB/rif analysis.

International Journal of Women’s Health


Description of Maternal Morbidities Amongst 1000 Women During Pregnancy in Ambanja, Madagascar - Opportunities and Challenges of Using an mHealth System

The estimated burden of maternal morbidities in lower-income countries, such as Madagascar, is high. However, there is still a lack of data on maternal morbidities, in part due to an absence of standardized assessment tools. This cross-sectional study aims to report maternal morbidities among 1015 women in the district of Ambanja, Madagascar, and to describe the advantages and limitations of a mHealth system.

Salem et al. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth

Cross-sectional survey of knowledge of obstetric danger signs among women in rural Madagascar


Antenatal care (ANC) has the potential to identify and manage obstetric complications, educate women about risks during pregnancy and promote skilled birth attendance during childbirth. The aim of this study was to assess women’s knowledge of obstetric danger signs and factors associated with this knowledge in Ambanja, Madagascar.
It also sought to evaluate whether the participation in a mobile health (mHealth) project that aimed to provide comprehensive ANC to pregnant women in remote areas influenced women’s knowledge of obstetric danger signs.

European Journal of Public Health

Telemedicine system for improving maternal and neonatal health: an interventional trial in Tanzania


In Tanzania, maternal and neonatal mortality is still high, mainly due to poor quality of Antenatal Care (ANC) and Post Natal Care (PNC) services. PANDA (Pregnancy And Newborn Diagnostic Assessment) is a telemedicine system that uses mobile technology to perform adequate ANC/PNC visits according to WHO recommendations. Two pilot studies showed that PANDA is efficient in providing high-quality
ANC and facilitating the continuity of care for underserved communities.
This project aims at testing the impact of PANDA in Tanzania for improving the adherence to both ANC and PNC WHO protocols.

Original Research


A Mobile Health Data Collection System for Remote Areas to Monitor Women Participating in a Cervical Cancer Screening Campaign

Barriers to efficient cervical cancer screening in low- and medium-income countries include the lack of
systematic monitoring of the participants’ data.

The aim of this study was to assess the feasibility of a mobile health (m-Health) data collection system to facilitate monitoring of women participating to cervical cancer screening campaign.